Foothills Water Network

Preliminary Documents

Technical Working Groups and Draft Studies

This page provides a schedule for upcoming meetings of the Technical Working Groups - Aquatics, Recreation, Land Use, Terrestrial, and Cultural. From here you can see the draft studies being composed by these working groups and their meeting summaries.

Stakeholder Interest Statements

This page provides the current compilation of stakeholder interest statements. The Foothills Water Network Middle Fork Working Group contributed an interest statement which can be found here.

Existing Information Reports

This page provides PCWA's Existing Informaiton Reports. They are broken into the following 6.1 General Basin Description Narrative 6.2 Geology and Soils Narrative 6.3 Water Use Narrative 6.4 Water Quality Narrative 6.5 Fish and Aq Narrative 6.6 Botanical-Wildlife Narrative 6.7 Geomorphology Narrative 6.8 Riparian Resources Narrative 6.9 Recreation Resources Narrative 6.10 Land Use Narrative 6.11 Aesthetics Narrative 6.12 Cultural Resources Narrative 6.13 Tribal Resources Narrative 6.14 Socioeconomics Narrative 7.0 Comp Plans Narrative

Hydrology Data

FERC Licenses

Middle Fork American Hydropower Project License — Placer County Water Agency

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