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Foothills Water Network

Foothills Water Network:

Bringing together environmentalists, boaters, and anglers to save the Yuba, Bear, and American Rivers and Western Placer Creeks for future generations.

Ever wondered why there so many groups with similar goals don't work together to be more efficient and powerful?
They do - in the Foothills Water Network!

Watch a video trailer of "Awakening the Bear" by Synergia Learning Ventures.

The movie is a student documentary about the Bear River in Northern California. The many hydro power facilities on the Bear River are up for re-licensing from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This only happens every 50 years. It is very important that greater care for the environment be taken during this re-licensing process.

Check out these Hydropower Relicensing Homepages

PG&E, NID, PCWA, and YCWA all have information on their relicensings online. You can find a calendar of events, handouts, and timelines at the websites below. Bookmark them on your browser for easy access!


In the Watersheds section, you can find a wide range of information on the interlinked plumbing of the Yuba, Bear, and American watersheds as well as a range of stated interests articulated by conservation groups in the watersheds.

Hydropower Relicensing is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to improve flow regimes, water quality and fish passage as well as restore aquatic and riparian ecosystems along more than 100 miles of river in these interlinked basins. The Hydropower Relicensing section of this website describes the process of hydropower relicensing and offers a wide range of information on the upcoming relicensings in the Yuba, Bear, and Middle Fork American watersheds.

From the Maps button, you can directly access maps of the Yuba, Bear, and American interlinked watersheds showing salmon habitat, mixed water delivery, and water utility schematics.

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